Saturday, March 19, 2011

Polygun Mini Movie

Big thanks to Ryan for the video - you're amazing!

Thank you for everyone who came to the opening for Patricia Zimecki's photography exhibition, In Between Dreams.
Here's a little something to sum up the awesomeness that happened last Friday - an interview with Polygun and a clip of Gentlemen...The King performing!

In Between Dreams runs until April 5, be sure to check it out if you haven't already!
To learn more about the exhibition, click here. To learn more about Polygun Collective, click here.

March Newsletter

National Home Show Commentary

Friday February 18th was our first taste of spring. The sun was shining, and winter coats were a rare sight. It also marked Freedom Clothing Collectives first day at the Toronto National Home Show. Unfortunately, spring decided that one day of warm fresh weather was enough for Toronto citizens. Luckily, for Freedom CC however, the Home Show was planned to last, and browsers and shoppers alike are able to feel the warmth and freshness of it’s booth until February 27th.

The first day at the National Home Show marked a first of many things for me: my first time to officially represent a fantastic collection of work by local artists and designers. My first time handing out flyers for a booth that so many artists worked so hard at making perfect. The first time I was asked (many times over actually) if I took part in making all the neat products Freedom’s booth had to offer, and the first time I ever felt so guilty about not learning how to properly knit, crochet, or sew. As easy as it would have been to pretend that beautiful quilt was hand sewn by me, it was just as rewarding to hear the compliments and praises of passers by, about how talented these individuals are.
As part of the LiveGreen Toronto initiative, Freedom’s sweet little booth holds the wow factor amongst its super friendly neighbors: the solar panels. Freedom CC got to know so much about solar panels in fact, that an idea was brewed to crochet solar panel covers.

Although the day was somewhat quiet, I learned so much. I experienced Freedom Clothing Collectives pride and spirit in its artists, and I also learned why its so easy to love it. In the corner of a rather uniformed row of booths, stands a bright, unique, strong, and supportive collaboration of ideas that are hard to come by. Freedom Clothing Collective’s booth may take an extra minute to find, but all you have to do is follow the green teal carpet.
Like anything worth while in life, when you see it, you will be glad you took those extra few steps to visit. Whether it be hand painted furniture for yourself; a magnetic chalkboard for your child; a bar of soap for bathtime; a pillow for your head; a tea towel for your party; a wallet for your purse; a portrait of Petite Pete to keep you company; a toy for your favorite pet; or anything else that Freedom CC is showcasing, you will be happy you bought it.
You will be happier that you found it.
And, you will be even happier knowing you are supporting someone that worked so hard tomake you happy.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Between Dreams by Patricia Zimecki

Polygun Collective presents
In Between Dreams by Patricia Zimecki
March 11 – April 5
Opening Reception:
   Friday, March 11 at 8 pm
   Live music by Gentlemen… The King at 9 pm
Freedom CC Gallery is proud to announce an exhibition of photographs by Patricia Zimecki.
In her first solo photography exhibition, In Between Dreams is a visual portrayal of Patricia’s view of the world as a space between waking life and the dream state. In Between Dreams is a reversion to the pure art of photo manipulation.
Each photograph is a double-exposure taken on a 35mm film camera. The results are a cross between the ordinary and the surreal, the fleeting and the fixed, and the impermanence of time.
About Patricia Patricia Zimecki has been working in the field of photography for over 5 years.  Her work is predominantly analog-based. Her world travels are a  primary influence on her work as well as a strong fascination with the subconscious mind.
About Polygun Polygun is an artist collective based out of the Junction in Toronto. It was founded by Mark Di Giovanni and Patricia Zimecki in 2010. Polygun is actively creating in various mediums, including photography, poster & screen prints and audio/visual works.