Saturday, January 16, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide and Purchase!

What's the top of the list best Valentines gift? A cute card and mini monster chocolate with a
gift card so she could buy what she really wants and loves!
Any Denomination of your choosing!  

Beautiful Rose stud buttercup earrings
 with hand felted merino wool handmade birdie and card!
ONLY $135


3D cards are so cool!, chilli chocolate to ignite the passion and perfectly quaffed
 grey pearls on a sterling silver chain that she could wear with any outfit!
Only $110
Let her be her girly self with this Garden theme set.
A beautiful Rose for her finger and merino rabbit to snuggle and befriend!
Only $200
We Pickled Each Other, Darkness Chocolate (gorgeous rich and dark) with beautiful handmade one of a kind dangly earrings with pear drop.
Only $45
All things HEARTS! Knitted texture heart ring and matching necklace in sterling silver
with a bag of sweet goodies and a delicate card to boot, wrapped up with love!
Only $170
Adjustable silver dome ring with Dark chocolate goodness
 and a lavender sachet heart with cute piggy card! 
Only $42


We have a cute combo pack for you (or if you know a dog lover this is kinda the best gift ever!) Handmade scarf, necklace and dog collar charm! Theme? Dogs!!
Only $125


Knitting Lovers will enjoy this little yarn gift pack with chocolate goodies and a lavender sachet! 
Only $36

Get your sweet little monster this set of stunning golden drop branch earrings, 
llama card and chocolate hugging munster!
Only $29
Complete set of shades of grey and red true love! One of a kind hoop earrings, jelly bean goodie bag, lavender sachet heart and handmade 3 dimensional card!
Only $47
Red outfit for your sweetness! Drop leaf earrings, adjustable enamel handmade ring,
 a lovely hand printed handkerchief and crafted pop up style card!
Only $80
Hilarious art decor upcycled plate with goodie bag and lavender sachet heart!
Only $38

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Year!

We hope everyone is having a fabulous start to 2016! We are starting off the year with lots of great new outfits, plants, jewellery, cards and more! Come in and check it out :)