Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Window Installation by So Yeon Kim

Check out our new window display by So Yeon Kim!
So Yeon Kim
Come, follow me, 2010
Born in South Korea, So Yeon Kim moved to Canada to study Visual Arts when she was fourteen. She is a continuing BFA student of York University, majoring in the Visual Arts and Concurrent Education program for an intermediate senior teaching degree. Though her strength is in illustration, So Yeon Kim hopes to achieve illustration qualities in various media to bring two dimensional drawing into three dimensional spaces.
You have to see it up close and from every angle. So, come by fast, she's only staying for a few more days!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Imagine this...

Here's what's gonna be going on at Freedom tomorrow night:
1. A relaxing night serenaded by this...

2. Here's another one, a downloadable one: East.
3. Oh and this...

It will be a whole new kind of winter. A kind you'll like. A lot!

JACK DYLAN: An exhibition of posters

Feb 11 - Mar 10
Join us at the opening party on Friday, Feb 11 at 8 pm
The Weather Station live at 10 pm, free as always.

Jack Dylan is a Canadian illustrator from Stratford, Ontario who now lives in Toronto. After studying painting and Sculpture, he began work as a poster artist in the Montreal music community where he gained notoriety for his distinctive work. He now specializes in editorial design and is a frequent contributor to publication such as The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life, and The Walrus.