Monday, January 24, 2011

Imagine this...

Here's what's gonna be going on at Freedom tomorrow night:
1. A relaxing night serenaded by this...

2. Here's another one, a downloadable one: East.
3. Oh and this...

It will be a whole new kind of winter. A kind you'll like. A lot!

JACK DYLAN: An exhibition of posters

Feb 11 - Mar 10
Join us at the opening party on Friday, Feb 11 at 8 pm
The Weather Station live at 10 pm, free as always.

Jack Dylan is a Canadian illustrator from Stratford, Ontario who now lives in Toronto. After studying painting and Sculpture, he began work as a poster artist in the Montreal music community where he gained notoriety for his distinctive work. He now specializes in editorial design and is a frequent contributor to publication such as The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life, and The Walrus.