Monday, August 22, 2016

Pssst ... We've Got a Sale Going On

Alright - I'm not sure if you guys have noticed this but autumn is on its way. Despite the heat of the midday sun there's a slight chill in the air come evening. When you were a kid this was the time you would get a new set of pencil crayons and oodles of notebook. Not all of us are going to be hitting the books this September ... so what's a gal to do? Stock up on discounted Canadian made fashion of course!

There's a store wide sale happening right now! With pieces marked down from 20%-50% 

With jewellery from Melanie Leblanc, pieces from KooCoo Carillo, Ramonalisa and Twiss and Weber all on sale! Don't delay. We need to make room for new Fall and Winter threads. So if you've had your on something for a couple of months now is your time before they're gone! 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tea Party Etiquette

A little while ago we had a tea party and we thought we'd share a few tricks of the trade.

Tea parties are like weddings but less stressful. You can revel in all the twee pageantry but avoid the family drama.

What makes tea parties so much fun? Well it gives you a reason to dress up. Always fun. Eat comically small versions of what's usually larger food (who doesn't love finger sandwiches?) And you get to enjoy the company of your friends under the summer sun.

We like tea parties here at Freedom, and have a couple of suggestions of how to put a twist on the  your next one to make it really special!

Toronto based RC BOIS Joli's pieces are so effortless and elegant. Whether you're into pink squids or want to indulge in a western theme, his hand-crafted ceramics are a stunning addition to your table.

Craving something a bit more traditional? These up-cycled vintage china pieces are all the buzz from Andrea Ragusila

Want to add a bit more whimsy to the proceedings? Well then look no further than Anna Eidt's gorgeous hand painted plates!  

But the real question is what you are going to wear?! With our swoon worthy selections of dresses with bold prints, from batik to bees and everything in between! Freedom will keep you cool as a cucumber.

Happy tea-partying! And don't forget the croquet.

- The FCC team

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Tea Party

We decided to show off our beautiful wares at a garden tea party! Here are some fun pictures!

Left: earrings and Hair flower by Rae Designs. Right: Dress by Twiss & Weber

Bracelet by Sophia Tamar

Left: Earrings by Rae Designs Right: Card by Green Bean Studio

Dresses by KooCoo, cardigan by Tangente, spruce earrings and knitted heart necklace by Slashpile Designs