Friday, May 16, 2014

More is MORE

Layer it up! 


Inspired by the beautiful Blake Lively !  

Well I've always thought more is MORE, but recently it seems we are steering towards the layered look! Here are a few tips to help things stay on the beautifully layered side rather than getting tooooo crazy!;) 

Mix Materials well pairing pieces with the same overall style - in this case nautical !

Mix Metals!  Silver, Brass or gold mix it all together!  If you do a longer piece with colour (as seen here with gemstones) then maybe keep the other necklace plain in order to ensure they compliment each other -not compete! 
Okay get a little crazyyyY!  Just try to keep it in the same colour family!

Again try to keep the colours in the same family and only 1 of the 2-3 pieces with bright colour!
You can layer on patterns as well but it's easiest on a solid colour.;)

Play Play Play!  Keep trying new combinations and you'll come up with a couple of your favourites that you can constantly be adding to or taking away from depending on your outfit!

We are always inspired by our fashionista clients - show us your creativity by posting your layered looks on our Facebook page!