Monday, April 4, 2011


Of all the runways I had a chance to attend at LG Fashion Week, it seems quite fitting that the only one I could see was Amanda Lew Kee on Friday April 1st. Sitting in the “reserved media” section, and representing Freedom Clothing Collective, an organization that thrives on creative innovation, environmental and social responsibility was a good match for Lew Kee’s runway. Although I’m not certain on the sustainability of her collection, one thing was certain - she had a story to tell about the many environmental issues our planet seems to be facing everyday.  Lew Kee’s designs for the most part were black fabrics, from shear to velvet, and fun gold zippers. She used other fabrics to represent oil, fire, and water- elements which have caused and continue to cause great problems all around the globe. It was a great opportunity to see Lew Kee’s vision, and promising that such an admired young designer would want to focus her viewers attention on more than just clothing.

To top off the night, Kellog’s was present, handing out pretty red bags of Special K cereal, and other treats, to the many fans of fashion week. Now, each morning as I eat my cereal, I think about Amanda Lew Kee’s collection and will always remember my very first runway show at Toronto Fashion Week as “special K”. “Special” for the experience; vision; and cereal, and, “K” for Kee...and of course, cereal. 

- by Kyla and Darci