Monday, June 20, 2011

UpCycled & Re-Styled

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The adventures of two creatives with different backgrounds, different techniques and totally different styles coming together to re-purpose old unloved goods and make them fabulous and cherished once again.

The designer behind PoppySeedliving (Jelena) and KooCoo Carrillo (Karen) are teaming up to share ideas, inspirations and ‘lessons learned’ about their industry in this new collaboration series called Up-Cycled & Re-Styled. What will happen when Poppyseed’s colour theory and “let me get my hands dirty” approach mingle with Koocoo’s “I can fix it” mentality and organic drawing style?

First on the chopping block:
 Half Moon Hall Table. Part 1

We decided to start off with a small project to get our bearings and give us some ‘starting off’ ease. Here is the lovely BEFORE picture of our latest acquisition.
Problems that need fixing: wobbly legs, huge crack on the table top, and very dirty stain