Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friendly Neighbours

The fabulous people over at Grassroots have begun a very smart database listing some Green Lifestyle businesses. They are currently reaching out to local stores, communities and organizations that they appreciate and are trying to win the “good fight”, to make the database even greater. We are thrilled they thought of and contacted us because the feeling is mutual! Here is a little description of their lovely store and, like our store, it’s best in person :)

About Grassroots Environmental products

"Behind every product sold at Grassroots is a story. Not only are these stories about our products and the environment, but they are stories about small, eco-friendly companies that we are proud to support such as Freedom Collective Clothing.

Because we live in an age where “green washing” is epidemic (green washing is when anyone can claim to make an environmental product), Grassroots carefully sources and investigates products that meet or exceed our environmental standards, respecting and observing fair trade, fair labour, and human rights practices. 

Shop with confidence knowing that we have researched the products we carry and we can provide you with all the detailed product information to make an educated and compassionate choice."