Friday, October 26, 2012

A glimpse into Toronto Fashion Week 2012

Model on the on the runway and audience at Melissa Nepton.
Last night I was given the opportunity to attend a showing of Melissa Nepton's Spring 2013 collection of womenswear at Toronto Fashion Week. Although I found myself in awe of the utter coolness of the event, both on and off the runway, I was of course most taken with Nepton's collection. In its innovation and beauty, Nepton impressively encapsulates the season of "Spring," while also embodying the perfect balance between elegance, comfort, and cool.
Photograph by: Nathan Denette, The Canadian Press
Montreal designer Melissa Nepton's collection is incredibly inspired by movement and fluidity which compliments her target audience, the urban career women, perfectly. The presence of horizontal stripes and ultra cool, sheer, breezy pant suits reflects upscale, seaside comfort. Nepton's ultra chic, ready to wear creations move down the runway with ease and comfort, while maintaining intense levels of luxury and sophistication.
Nepton kept accessorizing her collection to a minimum, and the collection was mostly black and white, with accenting beachy tones like blue and orange hues. This worked well, since the design of Nepton's pieces were incredibly loud and outspoken on their own.
This black mini and this white and black pant suit are both perfect go to outfits for any bold, edgy fashionista attending a black tie event. Both photographs from
For day wear, Nepton included to die for textured 
separates such as this dominating sweater paired with a sheer black skirt. This was one of my favorite looks of the night.
Photograph from

Inside David Pecaut Square. From left to right: event guests, wall mural, and the DJ booth.

Another notable designer that debuted her Spring 2013 collection yesterday at Toronto Fashion Week is Paidemoyo Chideya of DeMOYO. Paidemoyo was born in Zimbabwe, raised in Sweden, London, and a bit of Paris- giving her credit to an understanding of various cultures and countries, two of which are recognized internationally as fashion capitals. Just this slight knowledge into Paidemoyo's upbringing allows one to assume that Paidemoyo is probably a super talented, creative individual... and one would definitely not be wrong in assuming this!

Here are some of DeMOYO's looks from Toronto Fashion Week yesterday: 

All photographs are from
Paidemoyo clearly has a nuanced undestanding and appreciation for vintage fashion, evident in the vintage elements she infused with innovative and contemporary design in her Spring 2013 collection. What I love most about Paidemoyo is that not only is she an incredibly talented designer, but she is also ecoconscious: "This designer not only has a vision, but genuinely works on infusing help into the infrastructures of suffering economies. Being ecoconscious, she has also created jobs where they are needed right in the heart of the problem, sourcing locally in Africa" (

- Chloe Stelmanis