Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Chudleigh's: Making Farming Mainstream since 1957

Recently, we had the opportunity to attend a 10th year wedding anniversary celebration as well as do a mini photo shoot at Chudleigh’s Farm just west of Milton, Ontario.

sweaty smily kids on tractors always denotes a good time!
Driving to Milton is always a great experience, especially in the summer and fall, as you get to see the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in all it's lushness. The weather was gorgeous (while sluggishly humid) as we arrived at Chudleigh’s, which has been around since since 1957 and calls itself an ‘entertainment farm.’ There was definitely a lot to do! The kids loved the playground, including the corn maze and giant tree house equipped with slides. There is are entertaining tractor rides which takes you right into the middle of the orchard, drops you off and let’s you explore on your own. The best thing about this ride was to see that all the trails and paths in the orchard had names like: Macintosh Street, Granny Smith Lane, Gala Drive, Golden Delicious Avenue and on and on!

You could rent out the place for a sweet BBQ with family, friends
or coworkers. Yup corporate events are welcome.
My personal favourite was the friendly farm animals. Chudleigh’s has its own zoo and we spent so much time petting and watching the animals horse around. We were lucky enough to be there a few days after the birth of some baby goats (Puddin’ and Maple Leaf) and a new baby fawn named Bambi. There was also a majestic peacock whose beautiful plumage would not look out of place on a Paris runway.

Make sure to get you hands of one of their famous Apple blossoms!
photo taken from Chudleigh's website. We were
to busy eating ours to remember to take a picture :)
Chudleigh's also has an admirable dedication to its people. Three generations of sons have run the orchard as the company has grown. The company has over 150 full time local staff and are always providing seasonal opportunities for those who want to contribute. Chudleigh's recognizes the role that their people play in the company's success and have established a Family Program to help their employees and their families succeed.

Of course, you can’t forget the apples. You can pick many types of apples from the 100 acre farm or for those less inclined to do work, you can visit the bakery and pick up some pies or try their world famous Apple Blossom. All of their products are made from fresh apples and natural ingredients and have no artificial ingredients or preservatives. And not to fret, if you don't like apples they have many other types of pastries and goods, like a pumpkin pie! Yum!

We cannot resist the chance to take pictures of our awesome products in new locations. 
We hope you like these!!
A Slashpile necklace made by Slashpile, in memory of the slash-piles
they saw up in Canada's north while tree planting :)
salt! Tastes better when it comes from a local ceramist's shaker!
enjoy the local felted fauna
keep those tresses in line with these adorable crochet bobby pins
for those chilly nights pop on a linen knit sweater 
feather weight and feather delicate earrings are the perfect outfit adornment