Saturday, September 14, 2013

Made In Canada Series: Courtney Wood

I am Courtney Wood, Pilates teacher, Holistic Nutritionist, and jewelry designer. I love designing and assembling jewelry! I have been making earrings and necklaces out of odd beads, pendants, shells and other found objects since I was a teenager. Making jewelry has been my creative outlet. It has offered me a way to let go, and immerse myself in the world of colour & design.

Currently, I work mostly with antique brass and colourful beads. I am excited about exploring ceramic as a new material in the near future!
For me, wearing earrings allows me to show my own uniqueness and beauty. I make and sell jewelry because I love others to feel the same way – unique and beautiful! Karen and Jelena at Freedom Clothing Collective have been amazing at helping me launch my jewelry line and get myself “out there” Cheers to both you ladies!! Not to mention how awesome their store is…. as it is filled with such fine products.

coyote or wolf? aaaawoooooo!
bronze dangly pyramids 

During the day, I teach Pilates and practice Holistic Nutrition as a way to bring more power and well-being into others’ lives. I have always loved exercise and nutrition as tools to bring balance and strength into my own body and mind and I am passionate about bringing this power to others’ mind and body each day. Please check out my website at

sweet collection of jewelry on a locally made lace jewelry display