Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Made in Canada Series: Mykel Riley

Mike Riley makes shiny wonderful rings from old cast off antique cutlery.

I have a silly amount of hobbies really. My mom is an amazing crafty person, she can sew and make anything out of any material really, wedding dresses, irish dance skirts, anything.  She was making awesome purses out of recycled leather jackets and was using bits of old cutlery as buckles and fasteners. She wanted to have the entire thing made from recycled material.

The designs on them were awesome and she had a whole box. She said I could have some and that her and her friends used to make rings out of them in the 60’s. I started by making myself a few and then like most of my hobbies, I got carried away and now make quite a bit. It’s nice to have a decorative ring that is not crazy expensive. Anyone can buy it, wear it, and feel fanciful. 

I like the cast off and forgotten bits of cutlery i find at antique stores, or in a box of random assorted pieces i find on ebay. It sounds nerdy but i like looking through them to find pieces that have interesting styles and decorative features. It’s like giving them a new life, after all it’s a beautiful piece of metal with great design, seems a shame to simply eat with it.
My tools are pretty crude. I use a dremel, rubber mallet, mandrill, wrench, lots of silvo and of course band aids. I’m rather clumsy and have cut myself many times in the process but I like doing it, I find making stuff relaxing whether it’s rings, sculpture, music. My house is covered with all my artistical experiments. It’s debatable if that’s a good thing or not. I guess I don’t sit still very well.

needs polishing
high tea anyone?
Mike Riley is a Freelance animator, artist of traditional and non traditional media, musician, father of two. A maker of wearable art, music, pies, beer, cookies etc.

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