Saturday, November 9, 2013

Made in Canada Series: Lindsay Bickford

I have been a crafter for longer than I can remember. It started with visits to see my cousins, who would take me to craft stores and let me get anything I wanted. Who needed to be a kid in a candy store when you had crafts? The options always seemed endless. It was a world of possibility…and fun!

When I was about twelve, the same cousins taught me how to cross-stitch. There started my passion for creating beautiful things that took ages to complete. Cross-stitch is a craft that I have never managed to put away completely. It is a lifelong hobby, with enough projects to last me well past retirement.

From cross-stitching I moved onto many other crafts: drawing, painting, scrapbooking, latchhooking, quilting, knitting and then card making. Having a tendency to flit between crafts, I find it reassuring to have a few hobbies that I can always come back to, like my knitting, card making and cross-stitching. No matter what else I do, I find comfort in these ones in particular.
Owls, Monsters and Hippos, oh my! All on a bed of comfy frilly scarves.

The variety of projects you can knit always astounds me. I remember the day I progressed from making a simple knit square or rectangular pot-holder to making a simple knit cowl! Oh, the joy! Since then, I have tried my hand at blankets, socks and amigurumi, finding particular pleasure in monsters and owls. I mean, really, who doesn’t love monsters?
Birthday cards – who doesn’t love burgers and Lego? 
For my cards, I take a lot of inspiration from my fellow Stampin’ Up demonstrators. This community of crafters are always so encouraging and full of amazing ideas. The days I get my supply deliveries are still some of the best days, even after three years. 
More cards! Finding joy in different colour combinations!
Getting back into scrapbooking has been an interesting journey, but I love my little Explosion Boxes. These are boxes that fold out into scrapbooks. You can put all the usual pictures, journaling, ticket stubs or whatever else on the pages of these boxes, and they can also be used to hold other gifts, such as a pair of booties for a baby or a gift card for a friend.
 Explosion Box awesomeness – sizes big and small! With one completed from my recent Newfoundland trip for you to peruse. 
I welcome you to follow my blog or Facebook page to see what other creations I will come up with in the coming days! Who knows what I’ll make next!
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