Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Made in Canada Series: Paco+Lupe

Hi, my name is Celia Cruz. I am a handbag designer living in Montreal.

I’ve been sewing since grade 8, from clothes, home stuff to handbags. Handbags are super fun to design. My favourite step has got to be the patternmaking part. It’s taking my sketch onto paper then to sample and finally to final product. It is amazing how one design that seems simple can take 30+ pieces to assemble. But then again, my version of simple is…

Choosing the right fabric seals the deal. But sometimes it’s the other way around. I’ve designed shapes based on the fabric print. My fabric choice is important. The fabric has to be durable, as eco as possible and absolute gorgeous!

I am inspired by many things. I would have to say my top inspirations are shapes, colours and textures. Lucky for me, all I have to do is look around for they are everywhere.

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