Friday, March 14, 2014

Layering: Go Ahead and buy that Spring Dress!

Tortured by that super cute locally made Spring / Summer dress you see cause no way is it warm enough to wear it yet? Think again! Ever hear of layering? Oh yes, it's fashionable, beautiful and we can help you do it!Skinny Jeans or Tights under that Linen dress with a warm undershirt, paired with an adorable cotton ice dyed scarf with your favourite jean jacket or cardigan. How cute!!?

always remember to have fun with accents and accessories 

Katie always looks best with a belt and of course we forgot one.
So we rolled a cotton/silk scarf to achieve the same look! 
as the weather warms you could lose some layers
and before you know it it's warm the sun is shining and you are singing in the park!