Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Freedom hearts our customers

When we hear our friends who work retail tell us stories of the downside of this industry, more often than not they involve the difficulties of customer service. Lucky for us, our customers always seem so friendly and we keep meeting such interesting characters!

At the end of a good day, we usually end up with a stack of contact info of customers who would like to hear back from us - whether it be about a Freedom garment that they love but would like in other colours (oh yes we often do custom orders! Why wouldn't we take advantage of the fact that most of our designers live just a subway ride away?) or just to keep up with the happenings at our space. This makes us feel loved and supported, and we just want to make sure that our customers feel loved too!

Here are a couple girls that came by over the past few days that for sure deserve a good spotlight.

Yulia (pictured above, right) is a contemporary art enthusiast who stopped by to pick up tickets to WORN Fashion Journal's issue release party, Fancy Pants Vintage Dance, that happened last Saturday night. Those cute shorts are obviously her fancy pants and I did so witness the enthusiasm of her vintage dancing that night -- all to support independent publication, of course.

Natalie lives in Miami but is currently back in the summer to utilize her advertising background for the benefit of her brothers new business on Bathurst & Bloor. She appreciates the power of strong accessories (see awesome shoes, please) and settled on our harmonica necklace.

What did I tell you - don't we just get such awesome customers?!