Thursday, May 19, 2011

Please Welcome New Freedom Designer >> Parce Que...

‘Dress up your words’
 Fabric Cards, Made in Québec

Parce que... dresses up your words by marrying textiles and papers to give your thoughts durability and texturising them to last long in the hearts of those you offer them to. Each greeting card is unique, being made from different vintage fabrics, ribbons and recycled buttons. Parce que... (because) your words are so unique, they deserve to be inked, shared and treasured.
In the era of e-mails, virtual friends and digitized words, where so many things can be so easily deleted, or publicly forwarded, nothing can compete with beholding in our hands familiar
handwriting on a delicate card thoughtfully chosen and sweet words to be kept as a reminder of true
human warmth we all need.