Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Exhibition: Souvenir of Home

Freedom CC is proud to present:

Souvenir of Home

July 8th – Aug 1st
Opening Reception: Friday, July 8th at 8 pm

It's obvious that Freedom CC loves Canada. We love Canadians, Canadian-made goods, we really are here first and foremost to cheer for Canada. It's only natural that one week after Canada Day, we choose to showcase a fantastic Canadian printmaker and painter who has just developed a whole series dedicated to Canadian wildlife.

In this series Souvenir of Home, Laura - a vegetarian - created life-sized lino prints of mounted animals on decorative papers and old maps to conjure up romantic images of an unknown and untamed Canadian wilderness. By juxtaposing the gruesome images of dead animals onto richly toned papers these works attempt to capture her feelings of both revulsion and obsession with taxidermy.

Come join us at the opening reception and meet Laura!