Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer 2011: A Local Romance

Please welcome Freedom’s first promo video. We’ve been wanting to create a video for some time now that would somehow encapsulate what Freedom is and show our love for what we do. This short film A Local Romance, we believe, achieves that.

Big hugs and thanks to the amazing crew that took part in the making of this film....

Nadia Tan (Filmographer) a woman with super talent spread across a myriad of disciplines, her paper art can be seen at last month's Not Just Paper Planes exhibition (pictured above).

Patricia and Mark (models) are not only the loveliest of couples, but they are also the photographers and artists behind Polygun Collective. Patricia had a solo show of her In Between Dreams series (pictured above) at Freedom a few months back and many of her pieces can be seen and purchased via the Freedom Market.
Marsya Maharani (stylist & photographer) was the key link in making this shoot happen.  Behind the scenes is a crazy, time consuming job, but she managed it with the finesse and charm of a ….. hahaha I want to write princess but not sure if that is quite right... well you know what I mean!! You rock M!
And of course, big thank you to the multitude of Canadian designers and artists that we represent. This short film is heavenly because of you! We are so very lucky to know such wonderful people!

The list of great people whose works are featured in the film, and in no particular order, cause we’re random like that:
Atelier-B (supplying awesome stylish clothing to us for over two years), Francesca Tallone (the wonderful pic of Atelier-b jumpsuit), Rae Designs (creating such wonderful, affordable jewelry designs, and being a great friend), Betina Lou (poshing up the store with the cutest little numbers), Loft-604 (menswear at it’s finest and crispest), Rachel (the sweetest Urban Farm Girl with pillows that flew off our shelves right after the shoot),  Hieng Tang (monsters!!!! Glow in the dark tees? amazing), Phresh Threads (great up-cycling and superb eco friendly fabrics), Kali Clothing (a trooper with an undeniably cool eco style that has been a great friend for a great many years), Larque by Jason (too-cute ear buds and necklaces), Jessica Bartram (talent that knows no boundaries, and they just keep coming), Tryst by Kerry (some classically elegant designs), Jen & Lauren of Freshly Printed (did you see the awesome post about their walnut dyes?),  Shopify (for giving us such great pointers and help, Ben & Caroline), Slo (the most local of designers ‘right down the street!’ and for the softest of cuddly blankets... and mittens), Kathryn Rebecca (for the style, grace and richness of each piece, so delicately crafted), Petal Pop (for great prints on super cool book pages), Koocoo Carrillo (one of Freedom’s own, fabulous fashion designer and a friend extraordinaire), and Poppyseed Creative Living (another Freedom gal with furniture that looks like candy).

Still haven't had enough of the video? Lucky for you, you can drool over and/or purchase the featured items right here and right now via our New and Improved Online Market!! With detailed photos of each piece and everything!