Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Collected Collection: The Discoveries of R. W. Brackley, Adventurer Extraordinaire by Jessica Bartram

Here are some installation shots from Jessica Bartram's newest exhibition about a Victorian sea-explorer, R. W. Brackley and the creatures she had discovered.

Some of the sculptures: an antlered pigeon and a magnificent octopus. 
A catalogue is available for order. It contains all the illustrations and the stories behind each of them.
Stories such as this!
This little guy was once famous for saying, "Come on, check me out, I am housed in a bell-jar." Ok, maybe not.
As you've noticed, some of the pieces have been sold already. But don't worry, there is plenty more to choose from! We will be taking down some of the sold pieces and replacing them with more illustrations from Brackley's vibrant life. The new set of illustrations will be up by this Saturday, March 3rd until the end of the exhibition on March 26th.

We hope you will be able to say hello to the lovely creatures!
In the meantime, visit our Facebook page for more detail shots // here here.
Visit Jessica's website for more delightful stories about her work.