Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photos from the opening night of A Collected Collection by Jessica Bartram

Last Friday night was such a blast! Finally, the exhibition that we had been secretly planning for over a year was ready to present to the public. Thank you, all of you who came out in support of Jessica's incredible work.
The window mannequin gets dressed up for the occasion.
 The pieces are hung, mostly by the order of the narrative. Yes, of course, there is a narrative. A story for each illustration. Pre-order the book by visiting us!
Captivated audience. Nay, mesmerized.
Jessica, explaining what the heck she was thinking. Just kidding.
And so, an antlered pigeon says, "Go on to the Facebook page to see more photos!"

For those of you who missed it, the exhibition will be on view until March 26th, 2012. It may seem long, but not if you don't mark it on your to-see list. Especially if you are thinking of taking some of the works home!

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Congratulations, Jessica! Special thanks to Mary Bartram, who generously blessed us with her famous, oh-so-tasty date squares and cheesy crackers. (OK, now I'm hungry.)