Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hana Clothing - Made in Canada Series

Eco-Friendly-Cool! Many of you have loved the cute little polka dot blouses in store and here is the fantastic maker and her story ...

Now in my third year of designing, I have recently launched hana clothing. Born out of a love for sixties kitsch and Japanese design, my line blends bold prints and classic silhouettes with heaps of cuteness! Sugar, spice and everything nice - it's all about eating jujubes and wearing pretty dresses!

In keeping with a strong dedication to eco-conscientious choices, all of my materials are sourced locally, including both new as well as fine vintage textiles. The digital printing process used to print my limited run textiles (featuring photographs of my various collections of vintage tchotchkes) is one that is eco-friendly and chemical free. I work from my home studio in Toronto's Annex neighbourhood, and make deliveries to local boutiques like Freedom Clothing Collective by bicycle.

My line of clothing includes blouses, wrap skirts and dresses which can all be custom ordered and made to measure in any size. I will happily alter any piece to have it fit just so!

Let's eat jujubes and wear pretty dresses.”