Monday, April 2, 2012

Kate Made This - Made In Canada Series

You know we love colour right? And for the most part we have all home surfaces covered with it, so really, it was a no brainer when Kate came to us with her rugs. Adding colour to the floors!!?!? Well that is just icing!

I love to make Rag Rugs! I take unwanted bedsheets and cotton and transform them into one of a kind rugs. I like to think that I'm giving discarded linens a second chance and a new identity.

Ever since my sister Sarah (SLO, also sold at Freedom CC) taught me to crochet, I've been "hooked". I started making toques for family and friends. But as soon as I finished my first rag rug, there was no turning back. It was functional, colourful, cozy and easy to clean. So I made more and more until my house was overflowing with them. Sarah suggested that I show them to Freedom Clothing Collective and see if they would be interested in selling them. Lucky for me they were, and my rugs have been happily at home there since Aug 2011.

Although most of my rugs are made in my home studio, the beauty of my craft is that I'm not bound to my workshop. Many rugs are created while hanging out with my kids at the park.

I comb thrift stores and charity shops for beautiful/colourful/unique bedsheets or fabric and wash them at home. Then I cut them into strips and join them together to make a thick cotton yarn. Finally, I crochet the yarn with my giant hook to create a soft and very durable rag rug. I like the way colours & patterns seem to change depending in their placement in the design. As each one is so different, I am continuously inspired by the possibilities.

Although I am about to forfeit my sunny home studio to make room for my third child, I'm not worried. I know I will always feel the need to create. And now I'll have one more reason to sit in the park and crochet!

Come by the store to check them out!
psst... they are now on sale! 
A perfect present for yourself for doing all that Spring cleaning :)