Thursday, May 10, 2012

Made In Canada Series - Kathryn Rebecca

Freedom has had the pleasure of carrying Kathryn's handcrafted jewels for almost two very glittery years. Our relationship with Kathryn didn't start in a conventional way. We first met her when she spotted Poppyseed's furniture and ordered a custom painted filing cabinet. One thing led to another and before we knew it her beautiful designs found home at our store. Find out from Kathryn directly how the lovely things you see in our store actually come into being.

Creating a piece from beginning to end is a process I never tire of.  Jewellery has always been a passion of mine, I love to work with my hands to make an idea I have come to life.  Here is a little look into my process...

My Inspiration...

First step is to create my vision in wax.  I cut each piece out carefully and form the piece rather slowly well looking at my inspiration. 

The next step is to invest, which is similar to cement - you put your wax within a flask and pour the investment over top.  The investment hardens overnight and the next day you put the flask within the kiln.  With the intense heat of the kiln the wax melts out of the investment and the shape of the daisy is left empty within the investment - ready for molten metal to take its place.  This part of the process always reminds me of baking!;)  

It's ready! 

The flask is placed in the casting machine and it's time to cast!  

The silver is heated to a liquid form and with centrifugal force it shoots into the flask as the machine spins.  It's an adrenalin rush every time!  :)

When the daisies first come out they are black due to oxides brought out to the surface from the intense heat.  

The daisies are cleaned and then ready for the next step.

The earrings posts are soldered on and the piece is polished to a high polish - then Gold plated!  

My vision comes to life with large daisy studs and removable lemon quartz drops!  

My favorite part - Seeing my piece on someone it resonates with!  

Come by my studio any time to learn more about the process of making jewellery.  I work out of Jewel Envy Studio,  which is a collective studio with 10 goldsmiths working out of it at 101 Spadina Avenue.  We would love to share more about the process with you as well we teach classes if you are interested in creating a piece yourself.