Thursday, May 3, 2012

Made in Canada Series - Meet Lia from Mod Pieces

We met Lia a while back when she first started her lamp revamping business. Her talents paired with hard work have gained her a lot of exposure since then and her beauties have been featured in popular home decor and lifestyle magazines and TV shows. In the paragraphs below, Lia will explains why she does it and how she got to where she is today. Enjoy the read!

There's a shift happening. Many homeowners are starting to abandon the widely accepted fact that we live in a throwaway culture and instead opting to purchase high-quality, limited edition pieces by local artisans & designers. Choosing to surround yourself with one of a kind, handcrafted pieces, not only creates a home that's uniquely yours, but also allows you to invest in items that you'll treasure for years and pass down through generations.

After six years of working in the interior design industry and feeling unsettled by our willingness to consume cheap consumer goods, as well as being frustrated by the lack of cool & functional lighting on the market, I chose to switch gears and become part of the solution. Mod Pieces was born.

Visiting antique stores & vintage markets was always a hobby of mine. When I started too pay closer attention at these events, I noticed all kinds of vintage lamps that just needed a little bit of love in order to be cool again. Many needed rewiring, most needed new shades and some just needed a fresh coat of paint. 

Others passed them by, fearing that they would create a "time-warp" effect in their homes, but I was all to happy to scoop them up! Finding the perfect fabric to pair with each base became a welcome challenge. The result is totally unique lighting that has a sense of history and vintage edge, while also feeling updated enough to blend seamlessly into the modern home.

While I still keep a well stocked online store, the majority of my business is custom work. Homeowners are starting to pull those old lamps out of their basements and rethink the possibilities. Not only does this way of thinking grant you the opportunity to own something that no one else does, but it also allows you to reduce your carbon footprint. Win-win!"