Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pop Up Shop with Vaute Couture

Freedom is pleased to announce we are hosting our first ever pop up shop. On Dec 8th and 9th join us in welcoming the ever so stylish and sustainably concious Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart and her Vaute Couture line. As the weather gets chillier, this is the perfect time to get a personalized, close-up look at Vaute's line of style focused, weather prepared winter coats, which are not only stunning but made to last with sustainable fabrics and environmentally concious materials and methods. 

We admire Vaute's dedication to sustainable, ethical and compassionate practices, especially their personal commitment to producing their products locally. This is a wonderful opportunity for a cross-border sharing of knowledge and best practices on building and sustaining local brands. 
To see the collection, and have time with Leanne to purchase your own, please schedule an appointment by email at

All the info you'll need:
WHEN: Saturday December 8th Noon-6pm + Sunday December 9th 11am-4pm
WHEREthe Freedom Clothing Collective:: 939 Bloor Street  West Toronto, ON M6H 1L5  (416) 530-9946
RSVP Pretty Please: Email to make your appointment with Leanne!
What’s a Vaute Couture POP UP SHOP appointment?
Just to be sure you have lots of time one on one with me, I take appointments! I used to do an open event, but this works out much better. It’s about 20 minutes per, and you can bring up to 4 friends with you for your slot.  Just be sure to RSVP with however many you plan to bring! Check out what time and date I’ll be in your city, and email Kristina at ASAP to let her know what general time is best for you- i.e. “Before 4pm” or “Between 1-2pm is ideal” and she’ll get back to you with your slot. And then take a look at the website to see some of what we have, but get ready because I’ll be bringing lots of new stuff too.
What will we do during the appointment?
There’s NO pressure to buy, it’s a great way to try on coats, see and feel them in person so you know what you plan to order in the future or just to check out what I’ve been working on developing! I can tell you all about the fabrics, the story behind styles, or we can just chat about vegan fashion/life/cupcakes. Or, if you want to come in and find the perfect coat or accessory- I can figure that out for you and show you everything! Totally whatever you’d like to do with our 20 minutes is up to you.