Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Plate Wall Inspiration

I (Jelena) live in a semi open concept house in which living and dining room occupy one big space. From that space, on the dining room side, there are stairs leading to upstairs bedrooms, and below those stairs is the wall that I find quite challenging when it comes to accessorizing.
1. it is triangular in shape and does not leave many options or much room to hang art
2. the switch plate is placed quite awkwardly and I don't have much drive to initiate a project in which it would be moved. This switch has the built in dimmer for the dining room lights and allows us to control the lights upstairs, so it is quite useful and can not be covered.

Awkward wall with my messy sideboard top. It is not always like that, but on this particular morning I had not time to move things around

With hese two contingencies the end result will somehow have to balance the sharp geometrical feature of the wall as well as allow easy navigation around the switch plate. I think that decorating with china and creating a plate wall would solve that problem ( round and oval plates  would soften the triangle, not to mention that the wall is in the dining room so it is all fitting).
For inspiration I decided to check out what Pinterest had to offer  and here are the few looks that I found 
fun and appropriate...

I somehow have to get my hands on that fun Marimekko cow plate

Situation similar to mine with the exception of the curved wall

I will have a bit of time in the next few days which will hopefully allow me to dedicate some more time to finally tackle this problem. If all goes well I am hoping to be able to reveal the end result early next week.