Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Workshop: Torched Studio

Last week Karen, Emma and I visited Torched Studio, a locally based jewelry studio run and managed by our friend and fellow designer Yvonne Villeneuve. Yvonne is the creative force behind the beautifully crafted and brightly coloured enameled jewelry you can find in our shop. Beside creating beautifully crafted accessories and home decor herself, Yvonne also teaches enameling classes and offers you the benefit of creating your own piece of enameled treasure in just one afternoon. We had so much fun with the process and encourage you to try out the same. You won't be sorry you did.

So much fun to look at Yvonne's stash of jewelry beauties
appropriate reading materials
Emma and Jelena hard at work
Drilling some finding holes for future chain or string
do not use the lifting-spatula-tridenty-thing as a sword... not safe!
Out of the kiln, into the water, into the pickle, wipe with some baking soda and clean and shiny pieces you have!
Like baking you sift the fine glass particles onto your base
last firing (of many!) and then some filing to make all the edges smooooth. 
back sides are equally pretty!

finished piece with braided hemp string 'chain' and detailing
We took the beginner course but there are several for you to choose from including one where you work with precious metal clay! What!?
Here are the details and listing of classes:

Not only is Yvonne a talented artist, she's stellar at her social media, check her out at any of the following: