Sunday, February 9, 2014

Different Body Shapes

We are all shaped differently and trying to fit clothes to your shape could often be tricky. When you shop for your shape rather than just your size, you will be amazed by the look you can achieve.
This short blog explains two shapes and gives examples of both. 
The pictures include the same tartan navy and black fabric but different style dresses that better show off each shape. 
At the end of this post is a link to further get to know 6 common body shapes, how to best dress each shape and some other fun tid bits.

Shoulders and hips and waist are relatively equal. Athletic Figure
-The Aim: create the illusion of a waist and curves
-look for dresses and blouses that have a nipped-in waist or ones you could belt
-feminine touches are a good thing and a belt is your friend!

Your shoulders and hips are equal widths with a very defined waist. 
-The Aim: to proportionally dress the top and bottom half to make your waist the focal point
- stick to silhouettes that skim your body rather than trying to camouflage your curves
- skinny belts are key to accentuating your waist

Shopgirls has a great online catalogue of shapes and explanations
For more go here >> Shop Your Shape  and we thank them for letting us use their descriptions for this mini blog.

An article from The Star a few years back talks about how we long to find that special someone and their body shape plays a major roll in attraction. Click here to read full article >> Article 

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