Sunday, February 23, 2014

Made in Canada: Sprouts Press

Sprouts Press is the creative child of Carolyn Eady who is happy to share her story.
I’ve had many different creative outlets over the years, but book binding has always stuck around.  I love how it works so easily with other media like printmaking, papermaking, origami and painting.  And I love making beautiful objects that are also functional.  The idea of making something that holds and supports someone else’s creative dreams is pretty amazing to me.

Learning is a big part of my life, so discovering new (to me) bookbinding techniques fuels my creativity.  But taking this a step further and losing myself in my work to tweak and change a binding to create something new is even better.

I also teach workshops on bookbinding and love to advocate for books, the written word and handwritten letters.  One thing I’ve learned is that I think more people are curious about book binding than they let on.  So, while I teach these workshops, I’ve also created book binding kits for the home learner or those too shy to admit they really do want to know about the importance of paper grain and linen thread.

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When I can, I embrace the intermingling of found objects and reclaimed materials with traditional and historical book designs.  I’m always on the lookout for possible book making materials, my favourites are old books and cigar boxes.  The methodical process of deconstructing and dissecting a book or cigar box is a welcome contrast to the more creative side of what I do.  It usually involves things like noting the craftsmanship originally used (or not), breaking it down to its raw materials and then re-using what I can to create a new journal ready for a second life.  It’s pretty basic, but I think that’s a good place to start; knowing what my materials are.

While I strive to use reclaimed and recycled materials whenever possible, occasionally I cannot resist a beautiful Chiyogami or Florentine paper. When crafting hand-bound books using thread and needle the old fashioned way, I consider size, shape, texture, colour and practicality.  My creations are inspired by my personal experience with writing and sketching but I’ve also realized that the functionality of a book structure and how it can be designed to suit certain activities (such as watercolour painting while hiking or hand-sized journals for toting along to the coffee shop) has shaped many of my book projects.  Aesthetics are important, but I also really want people to express their hearts out on the pages of the books I make. These are objects designed to be used, well worn and well loved.

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