Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bloorcourt Village festival

 A great collection of creative minds from all disciplines are coming to participate with a fantastic outdoor festival!
What do we know? Only that it's gonna be spectacular! But check out this site which will explain the happenings so much better, complete with a vendor list >>
two flyers cause that's how good it's gonna be!

After you've checked out all there is to see at the festival and need to walk off some of the burgers or macaroon ice-cream sandwiches take a tree tour around the neighbourhood. I stumbled on this precious page of Toronto Tree Tours yesterday and was so happy to hear about it! "The Toronto Tree Tours tell the stories of the urban forest and the people and places it sustains."
Check out this great site about Toronto's heritage via it's trees! It's so adorable.... where do i sign up? Here >>