Monday, August 8, 2011

The Six Swans by Jessica Del Sole

Six graceful, vibrant swans have been perching our the window space for a week now. Artist Jessica Del Sole was inspired by the Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tale, The Six Swans.

In the story, six brothers are turned into swans by their hateful step-mother. Their sister Syndee is the only person who can save them. In order to do this, she must make six sweaters out of starwort in a span of six years, during which she is not allowed to laugh or talk. These sweaters will then turn the brothers back into humans. She finished all five, and the last remained without a sleeve. All of the brothers except flew through the sweaters and was turned back into humans, with the exception of the youngest of them, whose arm remained that of a swan.

Jessica Del Sole has a wide range of experience studying and practising visual art. While completing her Undergraduate Degree at University of Toronto she studied Art History focusing on Illuminated Manuscripts of the Middle Ages. She took her studies to Barcelona, Spain, where she was able to not only study the vast array of artists that worked in the city but also develop on her own skills as a visual artist. She continued her studies in the Arts and took painting and drawing courses at York University. From there she enrolled in Seneca College's Independent Illustration Program where she was able to integrate her skills as a traditional fine artist with modern-day skills. Jessica has recently completed her Bachelor of Education from OISE/UofT.