Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bloorcourt Arts & Crafts Fair

Had such an amazing stroll at the fair this morning that I had to share photos right away. You have until 7 pm tonight to meet all these amazing people! Props to City of Craft and the Bloorcourt BIA!

Below are new amazing things by our designers and friends...

Hillary Wornette has been making leather belt & pouch at Site 3 Collab around the corner!

New day bags from Sparrow Avenue
New totes by Sparrow Avenue
Wornettes talking a future fashion designer.
Turns out that 1% Talent has been hiding some super cute totes from us.. busted!
Well, those totes are actually by Orico, whose sharing a booth with 1% Talent.
There is more to Knotted Nest than cheerful coasters! 
Like this embroidery!
Love everything in the rcboisjoli booth!
Especially these salt shakers!  
New Mule Mother Books!