Friday, August 10, 2012

Cheers to Jessica Bartram!

Jessica Bartram is an illustrator extraordinaire! When she first had her exhibition at our gallery in October 2010, we had no doubt that her enthusiasm and vision would take her far. Last year, she joined forces with Pam Lobb and Erin Candela to open Graven Feather Gallery, prepared for another all-out solo exhibition in February, and re-enrolled in school to be a graphic design master.

We're so pleased to say that she's now a published illustrator extraordinaire with a piece in the Globe and Mail.

Oh, and, Jessica started a graphic design company with Ian Sullivan Cant called The Commonwealth Studio, which combines hand-drawn illustrations with impeccable taste. No biggie.

It's been such a thrill for us to watch Jessica take over the world with her watercolour creatures and thanks to social media, you can enjoy the same privilege! Visit these beautifully designed websites to follow Jessica's every move via twitter, tumblr, etc.